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High efficiency filter material

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The mixture of natural materials based on manganese dioxide; it is used for the efficient reduction of high iron, hydrogen sulphide and manganese concentrations.


The media action is based on the following principle: hydrogen sulphide, iron and manganese are transformed into non-soluble forms and are caught by the media with the subsequent removal during backwashing by the raw or treated water.


  • Efficient removal of hydrogen sulphide, iron and manganese
  • Material strength, long service life and low wear percentage
  • Requires no additional chemical products for regeneration except for periodic backwashing.


It is a close analog of Pyrolox media but with lower density (20% lighter)

Recommendations for use

Due to the heavy weight of the material, the intensive washing of filters with FerolOx media is important. Complying with the bed expansion condition during back washing will ensure high performance of the material throughout its service life.

The first washing FerolOx is performed until the complete washing of the media. Visually, the washing water should be the same as the raw water. The approximate washing time is 5-15 minutes.



  • Color Dark grey
  • Насыпная плотность 1.5 g/cm³
  • Working range of PH 6.5 - 9
  • Maximum content of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in raw water, mg/l Fe up to 50*
    Mn up to 3*
    *with aeration and reagent treatment
  • Filtering rate, m/h 10 - 15
  • Back washing rate, m/h 40 - 55