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High efficiency filter material

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A filter material intended for the removal of water-dissolved iron and manganese ions as well as for reducing the water turbidity and colour.


The filter media basis is the strong natural material “pink sand” with the catalytic coat of highest manganese oxides put on its surface.

The media action is based on 2 principles: Sorption (due to the material porosity) and catalytic oxidation. During water filter, manganese oxides present in the catalytic coat accelerate iron oxidation to ferric with formation of the respective hydroxide (water insoluble compound). Due to the material structural porosity, ferric hydroxide is formed both on the media grain surface and inside its pores resulting in the increased contaminant capability and acceleration of removal of iron from the water. The ferric hydroxide formed is capable of catalytically oxidising the bivalent manganese, forming practically insoluble hydroxides Мn(ОН)3 and Мn(ОН)4. Upon depletion of the filter capacity, to restore the properties of the filter media, the SuperFerox should be regenerated by the back flow of raw or treated water (water and air mixture would be more efficient). The media is not consumed during operation, and the possibility of caking is reduced to minimum.


The media may be conditionally compared with such popular media as GreenSand, MTM and Birm.

The requirements for raw water

Working range 7.0 - 8.5 pH*
Working temperature From 5°С to 35°С
Total iron 10 (20**), mg/l
Total manganese 1 (2**), mg/l
Hydrogen sulphide Les than 2.0 mg/l
Sulphides (in terms of H2S) Les than 0.2 mg/l
Free chlorine concentration Max. 0.5 mg/l
CO none
Oil products none
Colloidal silicic acid none
Ratio of Fe²+ / Mn²+ in raw water min. 7/1

* if pH > 8.5, Fe2+ removal is difficult

**With pre-purification

Recommendations for use

Upon loading the filter, back washing should be performed.

The media is recommended both for pressure and gravity systems as a main or an element of the mixed bed. It is efficient for mixed bed filters with such filter media as ECO FEROX, Birm etc.

This media is universal since it is capable of working under different modes:

  • Non-reagent mode (washing with water backflow without reagents) E.g. As the mixture of АС and MC sorbents.

  • Regeneration mode (washing with water backflow + regeneration with potassium permanganate solution). E.g. GreenSand, MTM.

  • Dosing mode (continuous dosing of potassium permanganate upstream of discharge filter). E.g. GreenSand, MTM.

The formula for approximate calculation of the filtration cycle: V = (1285 * VSF) / (2 * СMn + СFe) * 1000

V - filtration cycle, m3

VSF - the volume of Super Ferox, l

СFe - iron concentration in raw water, mg/l

СMn -manganese concentration in raw water, mg/l

*The formula provides an approximate indication of the actual filtration cycle. The most optimal is the experimental selection of the period between regenerations and washing time, which enables using the water treatment system at minimal consumption of regenerate and washing water.

Service life of the media is up to 5 years.



  • Color from brown to black
  • Bulk density 1.25 g/cm3
  • Granule porosity 52-60%
  • Uniformity Coefficient 1.4-1.6
  • Mechanical wear 0,9 %
  • Bead size 0,7 ÷ 1,5 mm
  • Package size 20 l
  • Bed height 0.4-1 m (max. 70% of the tank volume)
  • Filtering rate 8-15 m/h
  • Washing rate with 30-35% expansion 25-28 m/h
  • Back washing duration 7-20 min