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Multicomponent ion-exchange media (mixed bed)

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The mixed bed ion-exchange media was developed to provide an integrated solution to the problems in water treatment systems. It is efficient in removing organic impurities, iron and manganese ions as well as hardness.


The media is a specially selected mixture of ion-exchange resins with the addition of fractionated natural minerals and a polymer.


The equivalents are multicomponent ion-exchange resins Ecotar А, Ecotar С Ecomix А, Ecomix С etc.

The requirements for raw water

pH range Up to 14 pH
Total iron Up to 12 mg/l
Manganese Up to 3 mg/l
Total hardness Up to 10 mg-eq./l
Permanganate oxidation Up to 10 mg O2/l
Hydrogen sulphide none

Recommendations for use

Upon loading the tank, back washing is recommended for 5 minutes to develop laminarity.

In case of high ferric concentrations (above 5 mg/l) in the raw water as well as for extending the media service life, the antibacterial resin purifier (ARP) should be used once every 2-5 regenerations.

In case of a large media volume, a smell may appear, which does not affect the water quality. If the smell still persists and is unwanted, it is recommended to perform regeneration and leave the tank loaded with the media for 24 h, subsequently repeating the regeneration. The smell will disappear after a while.

Service life of the media is up to 5 years.



  • Color Golden, with inclusions of grey, brown and white
  • Bulk weight 0.78-0.82 g/l
  • Bead size 0.315-5 mm
  • Water retention 40-60 %
  • Package size 8.33 l
  • Exchange capacity 1100-1200 mg-eq./l
  • Regenerant 8-12 % NaCl solution
  • Regenerate consumption 100-150 g/l of resin
  • Filtering rate 10-20 m/h
  • Back washing rate 14-20 m/h
  • Rinse washing rate 10-20 m/h
  • Regeneration rate 2-4 m/h