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High efficiency filter material

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A filter material intended for precipitating filtration, catalytic water treatment in industrial iron removal and waste water treatment.


The new generation auto-catalytic silica-alumina sorbent developed based on the natural mineral raw material of the deposits of Sverdlovsk region - the opal-cristobalite rock related to the natural zeolite tuffs with the primary substance content of 85-95%. It was developed and is applied for purifying any type of water of a large spectrum of impurities, including iron in concentrations up to 50 mg/l. ECO FEROX is chemically stable to such common oxidizers as sodium hypochlorite, manganese solutions, coagulants, ozone, etc.)

ECO FEROX acts as an oxidation catalyst in interaction reactions of dissolved oxygen with Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds resulting in the formation of iron hydroxide, which is an insoluble compound easily removable by the back water flow. As water passes through the filter material, an iron hydroxide coat is formed on its granules, thus additionally increasing its sorption properties. ECO FEROX transforms them into particulate pollutants which are easily retained by the filter bed.


The equivalents of filter media are the sorbent АС, ОДМ-2Ф.

The requirements for raw water

pH range 6.0 - 9.0 pH

Recommendations for use

Upon loading the filter, back washing should be performed.

The media is recommended both for pressure and gravity systems as a major or an element of the mixed bed. It is particularly efficient in mixed bed filters with catalytic-treated media such as SUPER FEROX, МС, МЖФ etc.

For the efficient Fe2+ of oxidation of more than 3 mg/l the pre-treatment stage is recommended based on the composition of the raw water (to be selected by engineers).

Service life of the media is 7 years and more



  • Bulk weight 0,7 g/cm3
  • Abrasion 0,06 %
  • Grindability 0,04 %
  • Annual attrition loss 0,79 %
  • Porosity of granules 49 ± 3 %
  • Uniformity Coefficient 1,65 ÷ 1,71
  • Effective size 0,7 ÷ 1,5 mm
  • Package size 20 l
  • Bed height 0.4-1 m (max. 70% of the tank volume)
  • Filtering rate 6-20 m/h
  • Washing rate with 30-35% expansion 20 m/h
  • Back washing duration 7-15 min
  • Total capacity of iron and suspended material 1.1 g/l