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Activated carbon

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A filter material intended for organic and chemical adsorption; it is efficient in reducing chlorine content in water and removing the organic impurities. Helps improving the organoleptic properties of water. It removes the unwanted compounds such as chlorine, chloramines, incidental small amounts of arsenic, lead and some other heavy metals.


The fine-pored activated carbon of coconut shell.


The equivalents include NWC Carbon, NWM, etc.

The requirements for raw water

The absence of oil products; high iron and suspended matter content is undesirable as well

Commissioning and operation

Before operation, the media should be washed with water backflow.

Service life of the media is up to 1 year.


  • Type Granulated
  • Particle size (mesh) 1.7 - 0.4 mm (12*40)
  • Iodine number 1100 mg/g
  • Surface area 1250 m²/g
  • Bulk density 0.49 g/cm3
  • Ash content 4 %
  • Package size 50 l
  • Bed height 60 – 90 cm
  • Filtering rate 12 m/h
  • Back washing rate 24-29 m/h
  • Bed expansion in the back flow mode 30 – 40%
  • The minimum “free space” 40 %